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They presented the first 4 G Spain hotel

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In these times, when we go on vacation and have to choose a hotel to stay, we must consider among other things, the same Internet connection. Although the majority of the accommodation to today offer a connection speed normal, such as the one we have at home, it is evident that some users needs are higher, and so today we have a clear demonstration of the advances in this field, with the first 4 G of the country hotel.

Is that recently has been the first hotel with 4 G or LTE connection throughout the Spanish territory, the new ME Madrid Reina Victoria, which although it will operate as a test in this way for two months, its executives have announced where the experiment is successful it could change the paradigm of the Internet related to accommodation enclosures, especially hotels.

 wpid ME Madrid Reina Victoria 4G1

This project, which is being carried forward by the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH) and the signature WiFiMotiON 4 G, is one of the most ambitious we have known in this part of the world in relation to Internet from hotels, and not only that, but is apparently the best case that we can access the service both when we are inside the enclosure, which is obvious, but also when go out of this.

In this sense, must take into account that different surveys and reports have shown that the Hotels Internet connection is one of the key aspects when choosing a place to stay, even when we only plan to pass the time of day there dream, a few hours after lunch time and evenings.

wpid ME Madrid Reina Victoria 4G 21

Fabián González, Manager of the ITH technologies Area, has pointed out in this respect to the media present at the opening of the new hotel and service, “mobile devices, and especially the smartphone, have become GPS Navigator, multimedia center, tourist guide, interactive map, among many other utilities, which use as phone they’ve relegated to the background”, and therefore the need for an initiative like this.

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They presented the first 4 G Spain hotel

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